Why Climate Change is Rotary’s Business and What Rotarians Are Already Doing About It
Hande is a member of Rockville Rotary Club since December 2018 and is currently a graduate student at her final semester in the American University, School of International Service, studying “Global Environmental Policy” with focus on "Climate Change”. Prior to joining Rockville Rotary Club and moving to US for the studies of herself and her daughters, Hande and her husband Ali established Baku Khazar Rotary Club in 2014, in Baku, Azerbaijan. 
Hande and Ali are Turkish nationals, who lived and worked in Baku, Azerbaijan for more than 20 years. Hande is an Industrial Engineer with a BS degree from Bosphorus University in Istanbul, and also holds an MBA degree with concentration on finance, from Koc University in Istanbul. She has more than 17 years of work experience in multinational corporate companies including Procter&Gamble, Baxter and TeliaSonera Eurasia (Telecom Sweden and Telecom Finland merger), during most of which she was a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for sizable mobile telecom companies including Azercell in Azerbaijan, KCell in Kazakhstan, Azertelecom in Azerbaijan and Azerfon in Azerbaijan. 
Hande and Ali have two daughters, Selin and Aylin, who attend Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville. Hande is planning to graduate in May 2020 and upon her graduation, Hande aims to work in “Climate Finance” field, which is defined as "finance that aims at reducing emissions, and enhancing sinks of greenhouse gases and aims at reducing vulnerability of, and maintaining and increasing the resilience of, human and ecological systems to negative climate change impacts” as defined by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. She will base her presentation on the same title article published in April, 2019 issue of the Rotarian magazine.