Who is Your Hero?
Heroes don’t have to wear a cape. Some wear a uniform; some wear scrubs and others have done something to make a difference in your life such as a coach or teacher. Some have performed service to our community or the world. Honor our present heroes and past fallen heroes. Please join us as we honor them with a field of flags waving proudly to honor every hero! 

Reserve Today!
Honor your hero by sponsoring to fly a flag with a $50.00 contribution. Each of the 300 flags on display during Memorial Day Weekend at the King Farm Homestead along Rockville Pike will be identified with a commemorative tag attached to show the name of the individual it is in honor/memory of during the event. Tags will be given to the sponsors following the event. Flags remain property of the Rockville Rotary Foundation, Inc.

Support Our Foundation
The Rotary Club of Rockville and the Rockville Rotary Foundation, Inc. is proud to present this event along with the support of our corporate sponsors and the community flag donors. The Rockville Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible.


Event Specific Details
Coming soon!

Dedication Ceremony
Memorial Day Weekend, date and time to be announced closer to the event.

Map of event

Flag Locator by Honoree

Flag Locator by Sponsor

Event Supporting Sponsors

City of Rockville, Maryland

All American: $1,501 and above

Stripes: $1,500

Stars: $1,000

Blue: $750

White: $500

Red: $250


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